About Juli

Juli and her dog, Flip

Juli Hill

completed programs and courses

  • Certified Primal Health Coach
    by the Primal Health Coach Institute
  • Complete Canine Nutrition
    by Dr. Jean Dodds and Diana Laverdure-Dunetz
  • Intro to Functional Medicine
    by the Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Intro to Functional Nutrition
    by the Institute of Functional Medicine
  • BS in Exercise Science
    from Iowa State University

Hi! I’m Juli Hill and this is my story.

My family has been plagued with degenerative lifestyle diseases since I can remember. Losing both parents to cancer before I turned 36 led me to believe I would encounter the same genetic fate. I was rarely sick as a kid and considered myself a healthy person, but I was actually planning on getting cancer because I thought it was “in my genes.”

I battled minor health annoyances that I accepted as “normal” — acne, chronic allergies, and eczema from an early age. Eventually sleep loss, anxiety and irritation followed after months of managing too many pets challenged with behavior and health issues. A trip to the doctor left me with heavy prescriptions for acne and anxiety. Thankfully my husband, Jon, balked at the horrific side effects and convinced me not to take the medications.

It wasn’t until I had a house full of rescued pets and was spending too much money on vet bills that I learned the power of food and lifestyle as tools to preserve health. With my eyes opened to my pets’ wellbeing, I made the mental leap to my own health potential when I happened to be flipping channels and landed on a PBS special about the power of micronutrients in food to change gene expression and thwart disease.

From there, I began peeling away the layers of my personal discomfort, seeking the root causes of my health problems. As I looked closer, I realized that my mistakenly “normal” health complaints were warning signs of an internal cascade that, if left unchecked, would lead to much more serious illnesses. The push for answers became even stronger after my husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune nerve disorder.

Together, Jon and I cleaned up our diet and our pets’ diets, started a consistent exercise routine, took up meditation, removed toxins from our daily lives, and found functional medicine. 

After consuming hundreds of books, podcasts, summits, and documentaries, I’m overwhelmed with the need to make this unconventional information common knowledge – that your health outcome is not some genetic lottery, it is within your control. Incorporating ancestral nutrition and lifestyle choices into our modern lives provides an empowering and simple path towards a fulfilling, extended health-span.

I’m excited to empower people to uncover the secrets to their own health and that of their precious pets, freeing them from the wheel of prescriptions and procedures, and embracing the simplicity and power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.